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Why We Love Probiotics (And Why You Should, Too!)

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A: Each EndoMune Advanced capsule contains 20 billion health-promoting bacteria. The bacteria have been freeze-dried and are reactivated upon ingestion. Once within the intestines, the bacteria from EndoMune defend against harmful bacteria within the GI tract. Since the bacteria are living organisms, the EndoMune bottle is insulated to protect from humidity. However, it’s still recommended to keep EndoMune refrigerated in order to maintain its highest potency.

Q: Who should take a probiotic?

A: Probiotics are taken to enhance intestinal digestion which can lessen gas production, bloating, IBS, and antibiotic-related diarrhea. Probiotics are safe, comprised of naturally occurring bacteria. It’s these bacteria that flourish within the intestinal lining, helping to keep harmful bacteria from inhabiting the intestines. While probiotics are safe for most individuals, anyone suffering from an immune deficiency disease, such as HIV/AIDS, should consult a physician prior to taking any probiotic supplement.

Q: Why is EndoMune better than yogurt?

A: The difference is the potency of each EndoMune capsule. One capsule contains 20 billion health-promoting bacteria. While yogurt has always contained live bacteria, most yogurts contain limited bacteria that don’t survive stomach acid. Probiotic supplements, on the other hand, are highly concentrated in bacteria that can withstand the acids in the stomach. The EndoMune capsule is designed as delayed-release, protecting the bacteria from the gastric acid until it travels to the intestine.

 Q: How long until I feel a difference from taking EndoMune?

A: While everyone is different, most individuals notice a difference in intestinal digestion within 7-10 days. Some report an improvement in 3-5 days!!  It is important to take EndoMune consistently in order to enhance the positive bacteria colonies within your intestines.

Q: How long do I need to stay on EndoMune?

A: While enhanced digestion may be noticed within a week, those results may disappear just as quickly. Lifestyle issues, such as alcohol consumption, unhealthy dietary habits, stress, and medications like antibiotics can quickly disrupt the healthy intestinal bacterial balance in favor of the harmful bacteria. The presence of these harmful bacteria can contribute to the intestinal disorders of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (Ulcerative colitis/Crohn’s disease), and the symptoms of bloating, gas, and abdominal distention. In addition, diarrhea and constipation have been linked to an imbalance of the intestinal flora.

Q: Can EndoMune help to lessen the threat of traveler’s diarrhea?

A: Probiotics improve the intestinal barrier against harmful bacteria. The bacteria in EndoMune stimulate the intestinal immune system and adhere to the lining cells which improves the intestinal defenses against bad bacteria ingested in food and water while traveling in foreign countries.

Q: Can a probiotic lessen the risk of cancer?

A: Although no studies have ever proved a link between probiotics and cancer reduction, probiotics can help maintain a healthy colon. Some studies suggest the bacteria within probiotics may help eliminate carcinogens. The important point to keep in mind is that probiotics, in general, are key to good health, and good health is positive for the body, overall.

Q: How long will one bottle of EndoMune last me?

A: Each bottle of EndoMune contains a two-month supply of probiotics. This stands out from other brands which typically only offer up to a one-month supply of probiotic per bottle.

Q: I have certain dietary restrictions. Can I still take EndoMune?

A: EndoMune Advanced Probiotic is non-dairy, gluten free, certified kosher and contains no artificial colorings or preservatives. It is also organic and vegetarian.

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