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Is PMS Ruining Your Life?

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If you are anything like most women, you are sick of PMS symptoms, you know, like mood swings, depression, fluid retention, bloating, breast tenderness, sugar cravings, migraines, and sleeplessness.  Every month, this affects roughly 70 percent of women. Add that to heavy bleeding and you may feel like sticking your head in the sand. Too often, women are given birth control pills to manage symptoms which is definitely not a long term solution. Many women want to know what is wrong and how to get rid of PMS for good and naturally. 

Here are a few basic tips from Dr. Vera Singleton: 

Let’s start with understanding some basics:

  1. Diet can play a major factor in preventing and combatting PMS. We know that sugar, caffeine, alcohol, stress, and lack of exercise all contribute to worsening PMS. To curb your sugar craving try this healthy smoothie recipe.

  2.  Imbalanced gut bacteria can worsen the situation, leading to the reabsorption of estrogen and toxins from the gut back into your blood, even after your body has tried to get rid of it, resulting in hormonal imbalances. Try taking a daily probiotic to improve your gut health.

  3. Exercise is key!  Not exercising can cause a buildup of metabolic toxicity. Your body needs exercise to help balance hormones and feed your uterus and pelvic area with a rich supply of oxygen. So if you aren’t moving your body enough, it’s likely this is part of the problem.

Addressing one or all of these will surely relieve half or more of your symptoms. My secret to get rid of many PMS symptoms quickly is to treat in layers. When I see clients, I use a functional approach to treat, and that means I identify the imbalance, address the causes (diet and lifestyle), and finally help the body repair and regain balance. Once this is done, your body’s amazing intelligence takes care of the rest.

My favorite go-to herbs are Maca and Black Cohosh and catnip tea 1 week before your cycle starts. They are powerful supports and don’t have any side effects except reduce pain, anxiety and balance hormones.

Pelvic hot packs, castor oil packs or hot stone massages from the belly button to the top of your pubic bone are my favorite relief for when unbearable cramping begins.

However, for long-term solutions to relieve PMS you should always consider food allergy tests and measuring for basic nutrient levels in the body because you want as little inflammation and as much nutrient support and blood flow as possible. For more severe PMS and PMDD, I strongly recommend testing for hormones like thyroid, progesterone, and serotonin as these are the most common culprits for causing the emotional roller coaster effect before and during your cycle.

When using a layered approach of dietary, herbal and natural hormonal treatments, you’ll get to the source of your PMS problem and get rid of it for good! Luckily, It’s not difficult when you have the right tools and the right information to help your next cycle to be symptom-free!

Dr. Vera Singleton is a Naturopathic doctor helping women get to their best version of themselves by removing the health barriers that get in the way of feeling amazing and looking great using natural treatments. She practices in the East Bay in Lafayette, CA

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