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The natural alternative to Flintstones Kids Vitamins to help boost your child's immunity.

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Because a bottle says "Vitamin" does not mean its healthy. Often kids chewable vitamins contain high levels of sugar and other unnecessary, sometimes unhealthy fillers like beeswax or palm oil. However, a slightly bigger problem is a child getting too much of any one nutrient. Part of the issue is all the fortified foods that kids today might eat. Even without fortified food in a child's diet a generic one size fits all multi-vitamin can cause unnaturally high levels of vitamins and nutrients. The EWG (Environmental Working Group calculated that more than 10 million American children are getting too much vitamin A; more than 13 million get too much zinc; and nearly 5 million get too much niacin.

Why not give your child the natural gift of a healthy gut? The Healthiest team has approved Endomune kids probiotics. Giving a child just one probiotic a day can help increase their immunity in addition to supporting their digestive systems.  Endomune contains 10 billion colonies of beneficial intestinal bacteria and comes in a chewable berry tablet making it easy to include your child’s daily routine.