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Oh Baby Bags -Portable Duffel Dispenser

Oh Baby Bags

Oh Baby Bags -Portable Duffel Dispenser

$ 15.00

Mini duffel bags in cute patterns hold ever-practical rolls of disposable plastic bags. The refillable bag roll goes inside the pouch and individual bags come out through an opening on the bottom. Ideal for dirty diapers, the recycled plastic bags are odor and waterproof and have tie handles.
As your baby outgrows diapers, they’ll come in handy for soiled clothes, wet bathing suits, muddy shoes, and more. The duffle has a carabiner clip and a Velcro loop, so you can attach it to just about anything. Fits all diaper sizes.
Seafoam green bags have a light Seaspray scent

Bonus Points: Oh Baby Bags proudly employs developmentally disabled students and adults.